Register For Baby Gifts At One Store - Not Several

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Is it okay to register for baby gifts at more than one store?

Register For Baby Gifts At One Store - Not Several

If you're thinking about registering for personalized baby gifts at more than one retailer, you should be aware that there could be potential problems. Registering at more than one store could defeat the purpose of avoiding duplicate gifts, unless each store is uniquely different from the other. For example, maybe there's a store that specialized in monogrammed baby gifts or designer baby clothes. The other store may only sell organic baby bath products or baby accessories like dishes, utensils, sippy cups, etc.

But if you're registered with more than one store, especially large department stores, you may end up with frustrated guests. People want to know that what they're buying is unique. The last thing you want is for old Aunt May's wind to get knocked out of her sails because your smug little cousin bought you the same thing as she did.

Of course, you know that you can never have too many designer baby clothes, or personalized baby gifts, but when you sit there opening the same present five times, the party is going to get a little tense.

Make sure to register with one good store where your guests can choose from a variety of baby gift options.



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