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How can I gracefully excuse myself from baby shower games?

Boycotting Baby Shower Games

So you've been invited to a baby shower but you're not impressed with the idea of being forced to play baby shower games. You can sit there and pout, but it's only going to make you look like a baby, and not a cute baby either. Instead of ruining everyone else's fun, go along with the games. Suck it up! Who knows, you might actually crack a smile. The question you have to ask yourself is what's the real reason behind your aversion to harmless baby shower games? Were you harmed while in your mother's womb during an unfortunate baby shower game accident? Probably not. The real reason might have something to do with feeling embarrassed or out of your comfort zone. If that's the real reason, plan to jump into help mode the minute anyone mentions baby shower games. For example:

  • Go to the kitchen to start getting the snacks prepared. The food is probably ready to go, but it still needs to be put on plates, etc.
  • Hide in the bathroom.
  • Change the subject by talking about personalized diaper bags.
  • Use the element of surprise to throw off the game. Randomly start opening the baby shower gifts.
  • If the gifts have already been opened, offer to start cleaning up the wrapping paper.
  • Ask to be the judge or referee. Every baby shower game needs someone to make sure nobody cheats. You could be that person.

Not everybody likes baby shower games, but instead of boycotting them, or protesting with “Save The Planet, Ban Baby Shower Games” placards, give a game a try. It might be more fun than you think.

What kind of baby shower host gift should I buy?

Baby Shower Host Gifts

It's no surprise. Your best friend is planning a baby shower for you. Even though you've offered to help, your friend won't hear of it. You feel lucky, but also a little guilty. Well, here's something you can do while your friend is busy coordinating baby shower ideas: shop for baby shower host gifts. She may not be going to surprise you, but you can really surprise her with a baby shower host gift. Some ideas include:

  • Give her an envelope with “One Free Babysitting Coupon From You To Me” on it. Once she stops laughing and actually opens the envelope, she'll be thrilled (and probably relieved) to find a gift certificate to her favorite store or restaurant.
  • Gift baskets make great gifts and usually come in different themes. You can buy baskets filled with chocolate goodies, wine and cheese, spa products, etc.
  • If money's tight, consider homemade baby shower host gifts. Use your talents to make some pottery, paint a picture, frame a picture, bake gourmet cookies, etc.
  • A bottle of her favorite perfume
  • A personalized bracelet or necklace

The type of baby shower host gifts you buy is up to you! In fact, you don't even have to buy a gift. A homemade gift is equally appealing. What's important is saying thank you to the friend who will hopefully be able to baby sit on really short notice.

Does a baby shower really need a baby shower theme?

A Baby Shower Favor For Every Baby Shower Theme

If you think wedding favors are fun, just wait until you see the kinds of baby shower favors available. Imagine giving the guests gifts of pink frosting dipped Oreo cookies. Are you a fan of Chinese food? Well, you don't have to order take-out to give out gifts of chocolate-dipped baby fortune cookies (complete with sprinkles).

Not everyone offers baby shower favors, but when you can buy them for as cheap as 99 cents, why not? Part of hosting a successful baby shower (aside from getting through the evening without anyone going into premature labor) is the fun generated by the baby shower themes. Baby shower themes? Isn't the baby the theme? Well, yes and no. Themes can fall under the broad category of “boats” or “animals” to something more specific depending on the circumstances.

Do you know that the mother is expecting twins? That could be a baby shower theme. Baby shower favors can easily complement whatever theme you decide to go with. If the baby shower theme is “baby bottles”, you can buy little baby bottle candles as favors. Or, if you're going with a “sweet baby” theme, make sure to buy lots of baby inspired treats as favors. If you're having trouble coming up baby shower giftideas, do a search for baby shower favors on and let the assortment fuel your imagination.

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