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There are so many different baby gifts available, how do I choose while keeping within my budget?

Smart Baby Gift Shopping

Even people who don't really like shopping can't help but feel a little perked up when they start scouring the malls for cute baby gifts. There's something about those baby gift aisles that makes you stop and linger a little longer than you had intended to.

The first question people usually ask themselves when they're about to make a baby gift purchase is whether the baby is going to be a girl or a boy. There was a time when it really was a guessing game. Now, many parents are choosing to learn the sex of their baby long before the baby shower. That makes it a lot easier for people trying to buy the perfect baby gift.

The selection of baby gifts available, and the creativity that goes into them, will amaze you. Years ago, you could buy a rattle or a stuffed cow as a baby gift. The only difference in whether it was for a girl or boy was the fact that the toy was painted blue or pink. Now you can get everything from personalized baby blankets to technologically advanced crib mobiles. Your only limit is the amount of money you want to spend.

If you're heading out shopping for a baby shower, it's a good idea to jot down a few ideas, set a maximum price that you're willing to spend, and remind yourself that it's not the quantity, it's the quality of the baby gift that counts.

Do parenting magazines make good gifts?

The Gift Of Parenting Magazines

What has a soft spine, speaks to you about child-care issues, and easily fits into a diaper bag? A parenting magazine! Parenting magazines make excellent gifts either on their own, or as a complement to something else. For example, you could purchase a diaper bag for the mom-to-be, and fill it with two or three parenting magazines. Or, you can go one step further and actually purchase a year-long subscription to the magazine in the new mother's name.

As great a gift as it is, some people don't feel comfortable just giving a magazine subscription as a baby gift. Even though they're loaded with tangible, practical, ideas that can really help the new parents, the gift itself sometimes doesn't seem like it's enough. If you feel that way, you can always add a complementary gift to the subscription. Adding something like personalized baby blankets or personalized onesies are perfect for adding to magazine gift subscriptions.

If you're not really sure which magazine is going to make the best gift, you can always buy several magazines and put them in a gift together. You don't have to buy entire subscriptions to each of them! In this case, your just offering a few sample magazine choices and your friend can decide whether or not to take out a subscription on any of them.

What are some good gift ideas for the mother-to-be?

No More Newborn Baby Gifts!

Attending a baby shower is a fun event for the mom-to-be and her guests, but there are only so many newborn outfits and accessories that a newborn baby can use. Babies grow quickly and will outgrow the newborn diapers and outfits that are usually given as gifts for a baby shower. For the next baby shower you attend, make the gift you give one that will be useful for months after the birth. The parents will thank you for thinking ahead.

Clothing is always a great gift to give, but choose items that are sized larger such as 3, 6 or 12 months. Babies go through a lot of diapers, but they outgrow the newborn sizes very quickly, so consider giving a couple of packages that are one or two sizes larger than newborn size.

A great gift for any mother of a newborn is a gift basket filled with items just for the mother. Some of the items could include a pair of fuzzy slippers, chocolate bars, some over the counter pain medication, two books (one for her and one that she can read to the baby) and a lavender scented candle to help her and her baby relax.

Giving gift baskets are a great way to create a unique gift that is designed specifically for the new mom. The gift basket could include products that will help mom relax, like a warm bubble bath product, tickets to a movie, and homemade coupons offering to babysit while the parents have a night out.

How much can I work on things like nursery renovations during my third trimester?

The Third Trimester Triathlon

Did you know that expecting mothers get a huge burst of energy just before the baby is due? It's true! You'd think that all you want to do is sleep by that stage of the pregnancy, but something (probably hormones) kicks into high gear causing you to do all kinds of “nesting” activities, like nursery renovations. Girth doesn't seem to get in the way of an expectant mother at this stage of the game. She just wants to get stuff done in time for the baby's arrival.

Energy or not, it's still important to exercise a little caution before tackling those nursery renovations, or whatever project is at the top of the to-do list. Some of these cautions include:

  • Watch the back. It's been nine months and the back has had a lot of wear and tear with the extra weight.
  • No climbing on anything. If you have to use a high ladder to do the chore, ask for a help. Now's not the time to experience an untimely fall or a broken leg. The only pain killers you should be taking anytime soon are for the labor pains.
  • Talk to your doctor before you start painting the nursery, or handling any types of chemical cleaners.
  • Go slow. Even though your body is saying “hurry hurry hurry”, you don't want to overdo it. Try to conserve some energy. You're going to really need it for the labor and delivery!
The big day is looming and you just want to tie up all the loose ends, organize those newborn baby gifts, and just take it easy.

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