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How can I tell if the baby product I want to buy is really natural?

Too Good To Be True Natural Baby Product Claims

Groovy baby, yeah! Is that what you think of when someone mentions all natural baby products or organic baby gifts? It kind of brings you back to an age where families lived on communes and shared toothbrushes. If you do a little research, you'll see it's not like that at all. Stores that sell organic baby gifts are modern and upbeat. You won't find an unshaven beatnik sitting behind the counter smoking questionable substances. In fact, if you shop online, the only thing you'll find are top quality baby products that provide function, fashion, softness, and safety.

If you're shopping for natural baby products, beware of false advertising. Marketers are pretty savvy, and sometimes it's hard to tell what's actually made of natural ingredients and what isn't. The thing is, a product might claim that it “contains all natural ingredients” which is only the half-truth. What the product might not tell you (or only mentions it in small print on the back of the bottle) is that the product also contains fillers, artificial colors, preservatives, etc.

If you're serious about buying natural baby products or natural bath products for babies, read the fine print. Only buy from reputable companies, and beware of claims that appear too good to be true. If a company is trying to sell you a massage oil product for babies that is “guaranteed to increase baby's IQ”, leave the product on the counter. If you're ever interested in a natural baby product, you can always research the company who makes the product before buying.

If I want to switch to all organic baby products, so I have to empty out my house?

All Or Nothing Organic Baby Gifts

If you happen to be a Type A personality where it's all or nothing, you might have some anxiety about switching to organic baby toys, organic baby food, or organic baby clothing. A Type A personality would want to purge the entire house of everything in order to start from scratch with organic products. Unfortunately, that's just not reasonable for the average person. There's nothing wrong with switching to organic in stages. So, if you're hoping for organic baby gifts at your upcoming baby shower, don't feel as if you have to purge the entire house to accept the gifts.

Inevitably, you'll get non-organic baby gifts that are just as nice (and no more dangerous) than anything else. Just making the decision to start incorporating organic products into your life is a smart step. Gradually, you'll start accumulating more organic products and you'll get a better sense of where to shop. Look for stores that cater to fair trade agreements, and who make their products using locally grown or locally manufactured materials.

It's time to relax Type A, before you give yourself a heart attack. Congratulations for making the decision to start incorporating organic baby products into your home.

Are organic toys really safe for babies and good for the environment?

Organic Baby Toys For A Safer Baby And A Cleaner Environment

Have you ever seen a baby not putting something into his mouth? Whether it's your shoulder, the cat, the edge of the television set, or a roll of toilet paper, babies explore their world by putting everything into their mouths. That's why it's so important to baby-proof your home before bringing the new munch-kin home.

The only way you can be absolutely certain that the baby isn't putting anything weird in his mouth would be to let him play in a rubber room with no toys or objects whatsoever. Of course, nobody is going to do that. So, if the baby is going to stuff his toys into his mouth, you want to make sure the toys are safe and free from dangerous chemicals, etc.

When you buy organic baby toys, you can relax. The toys are free of toxic dyes, pesticides, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals. That way, when the baby decides to suck on the corners of the bunny ears, or chew on the foot of a stuffed bear, you won't have to worry and the baby ingesting any dyes and/or chemicals.

Organic baby toys are the soft, plush toys you'd normally buy as cuddle toys. They're made with all natural fibers that are safe for the baby and easy on the environment. While you're enjoying watching your baby put his first footprint into the earth, you'll know you're reducing your environmental footprint at the same time.

Is organic baby food safe?

The Safety Of Organic Baby Foods

Organic baby gifts are thoughtful gifts to buy and they show that you've got the baby's health in mind. If it's organic baby food you're after, it's important to remember that the product doesn't have as long a shelf-life as typically food products, because they lack the preservatives that keep them edible longer.

Organic baby clothing or organic baby toys have no risks associated with them. For example, the baby isn't going to get sick from wearing organic baby clothes. That's not to say a baby or infant will get sick from organic baby food either! What you have to watch for is the expiry date stamped on the jar. Read the directions carefully and if the organic baby food says to refrigerate after opening, then refrigerate after opening! You can't take any risks when it comes to infants and their vulnerable digestive systems.

Never give a baby any food that smells “off”, looks unusual in any way, or has an unusual smell. Sometimes you can't put your finger on it because it's way too subtle, but you know the organic baby food isn't right. Trust your instincts. If you have a bad feeling about the food, don't feed it to the baby.

You should feel comforted with the knowledge that the foods you feed your baby are regulated and monitored by the Food and Drug Administration, but you should also use your own sound judgment when it comes to the foods you feed your baby.

Is it any better to buy organic baby food or make organic baby food myself?

Making Your Own Versus Buying Your Own Organic Baby Food

So, you're about to have your first baby and you've been toying with the idea of incorporating organic baby food into your grocery routine. If that's the case, you're going to either fall into the category of people who just go out and buy whatever has the word “organic” splashed on the jar, or you're going to be the kind of person who does a little research first so that you really understand what you're buying.

Another option you might be interested in is making your own baby food. At least when you make your own baby food, there's no added preservatives. However, unless the food you're using to make the baby food is certified organic, you're not necessarily making baby food that's any better for the baby than what you'd buy in the store.

Organic produce is made in soil that hasn't been treated with artificial fertilizers, pesticides, etc. When you make your own organic baby food, you're also keeping artificial food colorings and additives out of your baby's diet.

If you can't imagine finding the time or energy to make your own organic baby food, search the Internet for a couple different good quality brands. Do a little research about the company that makes the organic baby food, check out the Food and Drug Administration for any warnings or recalls, etc. Once you feel comfortable that you've found a brand of organic baby food with a good track record, the only thing left to do is go shopping.

How will I know which organic baby gift is the best to buy?

Choosing The Best Organic Baby Gifts

If you don't know what diaper cakes are, you're really not going to know what organic diaper cakes are all about! A typical diaper cake is really a pre-built package of baby clothes and accessories. There's nothing in a diaper cake that you can't use. The only difference between a regular diaper cake and an organic diaper cake is that the items in an organic diaper cake are all 100% certified organic.

Another organic baby gift option is a deluxe organic baby gift basket. Both items fall within roughly the same price category ($100 to $160 dollars approximately), and the organic baby clothing includes a baby blanket, wash cloth, a bib, a baby onesie, three refolded cloth diapers and two Nature's Baby brand skin and bath care products. With an organic diaper cake, the organic baby clothes actually make up the package. With a baby gift basket, you also get the benefit of reusing the all natural wicker basket that the contents come in.

Neither organic baby gift is any better than the other; it's just about personal preference. If you're new to shopping for organic baby gifts, just close your eyes and point to one of them. The recipient will be equally happy with whichever gift you choose.

Is organic baby clothing easy to care for?

Easy Care Organic Baby Clothing

Okay, before you stock up on all kinds of organic baby clothing, have a look at the label first. As a new mom, the last thing you're going to want to do (or have time to do) is take individual pieces of baby clothing, hand wash them, and hang them on the line to dry. It wouldn't be so bad if it were just one or two pieces of clothing here and there. But babies spit, burp, and poop all over their clothes. A lot. You don't to spend your whole day hand washing organic baby clothing.

If you're in the market for organic baby clothing, try a place like where you can buy Babysoy products. These clothes are made from a 50-50 combination of soybean fiber and pure cotton. Everything goes into the washer, just not the dryer. If you have a flat screen to lay the clothes on you can do that, you can hang them on the clothesline, or find another place to lay them out.

Don't worry though, it's nowhere near as time-consuming as it sounds. These are baby clothes after all. They're small, dry very quickly (the soybean fiber has a quick drying effect made to whisk wetness away from the baby) and take up very little space.

So, go ahead and buy organic baby clothing. Just look for less fussy fabrics like those found in Babysoy products.

I'm intimidated by the idea of shopping for organic baby products, what do I do?

Stress Free Organic Baby Product Shopping

If you're not familiar with natural baby products, or organic baby gifts, you may be stricken with fear and loathing when the mom-to-be makes the grand announcement that she only wants organic products for her baby. What? Suddenly you're not sure where to shop. Does that mean the yellow baby sleeper set you saw at your favorite department store is a no-no? Probably.

If the mom-to-be wants specifically organic baby gifts, just ask her for some good places to shop. Chances are she's got her eye on a few specific items and she'll be happy to lead you there. Once you start shopping, you'll probably be surprised to find the wide variety of natural baby products, organic baby toys, etc, on the market. You won't find as many organic baby gifts in mainstream retailers, although the more consumer demand there is for the products, the more you're going to see them expand their product lines.

So, if you're hearing for the first time that the mom-to-be wants nothing but organic baby gifts, you can put aside your out-dated image of granola-chewing, incense burning shops down side alleyways. What you're going to find are bright fabrics, safe toys, and pure baby skin products that are made using certified organic ingredients and fibers.

Don't forget to ask the mom-to-be for guidance. She'll probably be happy to point you in the right shopping direction.

Are there any certifying agencies to make sure the organic baby food I'm buying is really organic?

Understanding The Organic Baby Product Accrediting Process

One good thing (although there are many) about shopping for organic baby gifts online is the ability to immediately find what you're looking for. Instead of driving all over town, pounding the pavement from store to store, you can just do a quick Internet search for specialized organic baby products and zoom in on the goods.

Sure it's true that people could misrepresent their products by calling them “organic”, but if you're shopping at a reputable place (like, for example), you can be sure you're getting exactly what they say you're getting.

If you're still not sure, and want to be absolutely sure that what you're buying is truly an organic baby gift, you can always read up on what organic products are all about. The National Organic Product (NOP) organization was developed to replace individual state-by-state organic regulations, making things a little less confusing. There's lots of information for consumers on the types of fibers that are allowable in organic baby clothing, for example. According to NOP, “producers and handlers must be certified by a USDA-accredited certifying agent to sell, label, or represent their products as "100 percent organic," "organic," or "made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s)."

You can always check with the Food and Drug Administration for information on things like organic baby food as well.

The more educated you can become on the topic of organic baby products, the easier it will be for you to spot the real thing on the retail shelves. Then, when you give the gift or organic baby clothing or organic baby food, you can feel confident in your purchase.

How do I know that what I'm buying is really natural or organic like it says on the product?

Shopping For Organic Baby Products

Sometimes people start shopping for baby shower gifts with one idea in mind, and wind up buying something completely different. For example, you might be shopping under the broad umbrella of “organic baby gifts.” That could mean a number of things, so you hit the typical retail stores. Unless you're shopping in very specialized organic baby stores or boutiques, you're probably not going to find what you're looking for in the big name department stores.

So you move on. Maybe you see some baby products on the shelf and you think, yeah! Natural bath products for babies! Just like that you abandon the idea of finding organic baby toys or organic baby clothing. After all, natural bath products for babies are a great idea, and they're right here in front of you.

The name says natural, but when you pick up the bottle, you can't help but notice a list of suspiciously artificial sounding ingredients on the label. Nothing says “certified organic” on the label. It just says “natural”. The more you think about, the more you realize you're not sure what the exactly means. Discouraged, you put the product back on the shelf and leave the store.

As you get in your car it occurs to you that you could buy something for the mom-to-be. Maybe you'll even put together a basket of holistic therapies and treatments for post-pregnancy. That's not a bad idea, just make sure to shop with the help of someone educated in holistic therapy. Just because a product is “natural” or “herbal” doesn't mean they're safe for everyone. Some herbs can cause a dangerous spike in blood pressure, for example. The point is, buying organic baby gifts, or natural gifts for the mother takes a little know-how. If you're not sure what you're looking for, seek the help of someone educated in certified organic products.

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