International Baby Showers

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How do other people celebrate baby showers?

International Baby Showers

What type of baby shower have you been invited to? Remember, not everyone in the world is just like you. There's a whole world of diversity out there that extends to how babyies are received into the world. That includes baby showers. What they mean, how they're attended, who they're attended by, and what activities take place are all things to consider when attending a culturally diverse baby shower.

For example, in some cultures, the emphasis is on life-giving and nurturing. That might involve gifts to the husband that represent growth and fertility like seeds, beans, lentils, sprouts. Depending on the religious background of the family, men may not be invited to the baby shower. In some situations, baby showers are more of a spiritual connection or celebration, and it's not all about the gifts.

Yet ultimately, every baby shower shares the same theme. People come together to enjoy each other's company, have some laughs, and bring positive energy around the mom-to-be.

Luxury baby gifts and personalized diaper bags are just the icing on the cake. What the expectant mom really gets from a baby shower, is to see just how wide and solid her support network really is. The mom should feel safe and secure before the baby is born. Just as the baby needs to be nurtured and supported, so does the mother.



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