Luxury Baby Gifts For The Mom Who Wants It All

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How will I ever convince my family to buy me luxury baby gifts?

Luxury Baby Gifts For The Mom Who Wants It All

Just before you get married, you spend hours upon hours looking through magazines and going into bridal boutiques to try things on. You check everything out, order things, and bring things back to the store.

When you're about to have a baby, it's not much different, especially if it's your first. You tend to spend a lot of time reading books on pregnancy and birth. You scour every catalogue, book-marking pages of designer baby clothes while thinking up your own newborn baby gift basket. There's no other time in your life when you'll have such a heightened interest in baby stuff. After all this surfing, browsing, scouring, and window shopping, you should be able to come up with a pretty good baby gift wish list for your friends and family.

If you happen to see something you really want, like a $300 leather personalized diaper bag, it's no good to drop subtle hints. For luxury baby gifts like this, you're going to want to come right out and ask for it. Unless you have friends or relatives with a lot of disposable income, you might want to work into the conversation how sometimes people chip in together as a group to buy one really nice baby gift. Like that $300 leather personalized diaper bag you've got your eye on!

Now, if you want to get really dirty, you can always play the “poor pregnant me” card with your partner. After all, he wants you to look the part of a hot new mom, right? There are lots of ways to get the luxury baby gifts you want, just get creative about it!



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