Traditional, Tripping, and Wacky Baby Shower Games

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What kinds of baby shower games should we play?

Traditional, Tripping, and Wacky Baby Shower Games

You know, the guests might warm up to baby shower games a little easier if they know that a) their pictures aren't going to end up on Facebook, and b) the baby shower games are going to be a little more sophisticated than the typical baby shower games played.

Once the games are underway, the guests might complain that the games really aren't sophisticated at all. Hey, nobody said your definition of sophisticated was the same as theirs!

Depending on the mood and personality of the group, you can choose from any of these baby shower game categories:

Traditional: These games might include things that incorporate baby shower gifts into the game. For example, it could be a simple as taking the bows from every gift, sticking it onto a paper plate, and making the mom-to-be wear it for the rest of the evening.

Tripping: These games could be a little more cerebral. For example, before telling anyone what kind of baby shower game you're about to play, ask the expectant mom to leave the room. Then, start asking specific questions about her like, is she wearing earrings? Or, what color are her shoes? The person with the most correct answers wins some really cool (although not expensive) baby shower favors.

Tragic: These types of baby shower games speak for themselves. They require that all of the guests be extremely comfortable with each other. Don't invite the new neighbors to this party, if these are the kinds of games you're going to play. An example of a game could include an empty jar set on the floor, and a woman with string and a carrot tied around her waist. The object of the game is to dip the carrot into the jar without using hands or arms. It's fun and funny to some, disturbing and tragic to others.

Even though you might think the strength of your baby shower gift ideas and new baby gifts are going to keep the party rolling, you really have to add a few baby shower games to complete the night.



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