Baby Shower Food Ideas

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Where can I find good ideas for baby shower food themes?

Baby Shower Food Ideas

Baby shower gift ideas are easy to come by. There are diaper cakes, personalized diaper bags, or any number of unique baby shower gift ideas. What're a little harder to come up with are unique baby shower food snacks. Anybody can buy a tray of squares, jazz up a glass plate with cheese and crackers, or make a perfect punch. But for a baby shower, you want food that really says “baby shower”.

The food itself can resemble baby shower themes, or the food can be accessorized to accommodate a baby shower theme.

A few examples of baby shower snack ideas include:

  • Sandwiches cut into baby-theme shapes with cookie cutters. Buy a set of baby cookie cutters and turn your sandwiches into tiny bells, bows, baby bottles, pacifiers, etc.
  • Can't find those kinds of cookie cutters? Buy gourmet cookies with edible baby photos on them.
  • Make your own adult-sized pacifiers with specialized cake pans.
  • Serve the food on baby plates with baby utensils.
  • Create little snack baskets for each guest and tie them up with blue and pink ribbons.
These are just a few ideas to get your culinary ideas grooving. You can use magazines, cook books, craft books, or suggestions from friends and family to help you out as well.



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