Hosting A Quick And Easy Baby Shower

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I'm not a good party planner, so how am I going to survive planning a baby shower?

Hosting A Quick And Easy Baby Shower

Your best friend's having a baby and the responsibility for hosting the baby shower and finding the best new baby gifts is all yours. For some people, it's no big deal. They can come up with enough baby shower games to put reality television to shame. For those people, baby shower gift ideas are a dime a dozen. They could be given the task to complete in 24 hours and the guests would think they'd spent weeks getting everything organized.

If “that person” doesn't sound anything like you, relax. Baby showers can easily be organized if you just break down the tasks into different categories:

1) Baby Shower Locations. If the shower is going to be a small, manageable crowd, you can host the event at your house or apartment. If you're planning on inviting enough people to fill a hall-book a hall.

2) Baby Shower Invitations. If it's not a surprise for the mom-to-be, get her to help you with the invitations. If it's a surprise, get someone from her family involved. Between you and another person, it should be a snap to get some invitations into the mail.

3) Baby Shower Decorations. If you're pressed for time and ideas, decorate with simple balloons.

That's it. Anything else having to do with baby showers can fall somewhere in one of the above categories. Before you get too carried away with the decorations and baby shower games, just remember that people will be coming together to celebrate the birth of a baby, not critique the decorations.



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