Baby Gift Registry

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How can I make sure I don't get a lot of duplicate baby gifts?

Baby Gift Registry

As the mother-to-be, you can expect to get a wide variety of gifts at your baby shower. There will be baby boy gifts and baby girl gifts. You'll probably get things like diapers, baby bath kits, and all sorts of things that you can use in the baby nursery.

If this is your first baby, you might just be happy to receive pretty much anything baby-related. If this is your second or third child, maybe you don't need as many things. You may already have plenty of baby bedding, for example.

In this case, your friends and family might be uncertain what to buy. They may ask, which is helpful, but you can also register (just like you did when you got married) at different baby boutiques. That way, you just need to tell them where you're registered and let the rest fall into place. Of course, there are some things you can never have enough of. So what if you get enough diapers to fill a small moving van. You'll be able to put them to good use, as long as they're not all in size “newborn”.

If something happens and you do end up getting way too much of a good thing (or a good gift, in this case), just remember you can probably bring it back to the store and exchange it for another color, size, etc. If your friends and/or family purchased the item online, check with the store's return or exchange policy. Guidelines for online returns are sometimes a little different than those of a local retailer.

Enjoy your gifts!



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