Keeping Giraffes Out Of The Nursery

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If I can't use things like bumper pads in the crib, what should I do with them?

Keeping Giraffes Out Of The Nursery

True story: Every night a man tucked his little girl into bed, then closed the curtains saying, “Don't want you to get a draft!” This went on for several nights and gradually the little girl started to complain about bedtime. She was afraid to go to bed alone and her parents had no idea why. Finally, she looked at them and said, is there still a giraffe? A giraffe? said the parents. Daddy also closes the curtains because he says I'll get a giraffe.

The whole time he was protecting her from a draft, she thought she was being protected against a giraffe. Curtains aren't the only way to protect against giraffes…uh, drafts.

If there are drafts that sweep under doorways, or through window panes, use items from baby crib bedding sets to block the air from getting in. Those long bumper pads that go on the inside of the crib can be stretched along the inside of doorways, or even placed on a windowsill. Your baby will be safer without the extra padding in the crib, and warmer if you happen to live in an older, drafty home. The warmer the nursery is, the less baby bedding you'll need to put in the crib, making it that much safer for baby.



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