"You're Going To Be A Grandparent" Gifts

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What type of gift best says "you're going to be a grandparent"?

"You're Going To Be A Grandparent" Gifts

How many pregnancy kits did you have to go through before you actually believed the results? You were hoping you were pregnant, but when the stick turned positive, you just couldn't believe it was true. First of all, you accidentally dropped the first stick in the toilet which might have skewed the results. Then you left the other pregnancy kit by a hot window and you figure it could have thrown off the results. Back to the store for four more kits! You bought the cheap one, the expensive one, the one that gives a plus or minus sign, and the one that turns either pink or blue.

The results were all the same: pregnant! The next step is telling the parents and the in-laws. Don't just blurt it out over Sunday brunch, get creative and go shopping for a gift that will tell the story. For example:

  • Buy and wear adult-sized t-shirts that say I Love My Grandparents
  • Give them a baby photo album with a note in it that says something like, “You're going to need this soon!”
  • Buy them a personalized baby blanket for those inevitable nights of babysitting
  • Instead of a new mom gift basket, customize a basket for the grandparents and fill it with personalized items
However you decide to tell them that you're pregnant, it'll be a moment they'll never forget.



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