Books For The New Mom

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How can I subtly give advice to an expecting mother?

Books For The New Mom

As the best friend, mother, sister, cousin, or even grandmother, it probably doesn't feel like your place to educate the new mother on how she's suppose to feel, or what she should do to transition easier into the role of new mother. You might feel torn between offering your very own words of wisdom, or keeping your lips shut.

Some people really don't mind offering advice whether it's been solicited or not. If that doesn't sound like you, but you really feel that there are things the new mother would benefit from knowing, think about buying books for new mothers. There are so many on the shelves, you'll probably have to buy two or three to cover what's on your mind. Want her to know about natural remedies for colic? You can find a book on that! Want her to know how to cure post natal insomnia? There's information on that too!

Books are perfect items to put in the new mom gift basket. If the mom-to-be is feeling a little sensitive, she probably won't feel the need to get defensive when she gets some nice books as gifts. Now, if you highlight and circle in red ink certain passages of the books, she might become a little annoyed. Just give her the books and leave it at that. Eventually, she'll find some time to flip through them and, who knows, she just might find something useful.



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