Great Gifts For The New Mom

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What are some unique gift ideas to give a new mother?

Great Gifts For The New Mom

So your best friend's having a baby and she's keen on making her own baby food, immediately getting her pre-pregnancy body back, and maintaining her previous lifestyle as if nothing has changed.

Having been there, done that, you've got a feeling that she'll soon change her mind when she discovers her life is suddenly consumed with dirty diapers and sleep deprivation. Hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting to look after yourself, but the reality for a first-time mom is that exercising after the baby is born takes a backseat to catching a few zzz's whenever you can. Suddenly there's no time to brush your hair (or your teeth!). But your friend doesn't want to hear that. She's focused on those unrealistic celebrity moms who manage to breast feed while doing high impact aerobics.

Don't hurt your friend's feelings by telling her that the chances of losing the baby fat in six weeks, complete with a tight, taut, bikini body, can only happen with surgery, starvation, a 24/7 personal trainer, and someone else to nurture the baby. She'll figure it out! Instead, buy her a baby shower gift that'll give her a little bit of realistic time to herself. Gifts for the new mother could include:

  • A homemade gift certificate from you offering free babysitting services;
  • A new mom gift basket filled with things like gourmet snacks, spa essentials, herbal tea, etc.
  • CD's or DVD's of her favorite comic. It sounds weird, but it's really important for the new mom to be relaxed. What's wrong with having a few chuckles while peeling a poop-soiled undershirt off the baby?
  • Phone numbers of local restaurants that do home delivery (and a few gift certificates to cover the cost!)
If you're getting something for the new mom, just be sure to make the gift feasible. By offering babysitting services, the new mom will actually be able to go out for an evening without worry.



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