Traveling With Baby Gifts

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Should I buy a baby gift before I get on the plane, or after I arrive at my destination?

Traveling With Baby Gifts

You've flown a million times, yet somehow you never really thought about how you'd get that baby gift basket (you know, the one containing well over three ounces of fluids) onto the plane. You could stuff it into your luggage but then it wouldn't really look like a basket when you got to your destination.

If visiting your expecting friend means traveling by plane, your best idea is to shop when you get to your destination. That way, you don't have to worry about your baby gifts getting lost, stolen, smashed, or refused entry through customs. People bring gifts through customs every day, it's just easier when you travel light. There are stores where your friend lives, right?

Another alternative is to order cute baby gifts or baby gift baskets online and have them delivered to your friend's house. If you time it just right, you might be able to have the gift delivered on the exact day of the baby shower. This is probably the best alternative because chances are good your friend is going to want to spend time with you when you arrive. That means it'll be really hard to ditch her while you zip out to buy the perfect baby gift. By ordering online, you know the gift is on the way and you can spend some quality time with your friend.



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