Bath Supplies For Cradle Cap

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What is cradle cap and how is it treated?

Bath Supplies For Cradle Cap

Television commercials always show baby bath time as a soothing, bonding experience between parent and baby. There's usually cooing involved (not necessarily from the baby), smiling mommies who don't have blood-shot eyes, and soft music playing in the background (to cover the barking of the little pooch who used to be the baby of the family). What these commercials don't show, is the horrified expression of the parent who discovers their little darling has…gasp….cradle cap.

Relax! It's not a personal slight to your hygiene habits, it's a common skin condition caused by a buildup of sticky oils on your baby's scalp. Yes, it's a little gross, but you can treat it by gently rubbing the scalp with baby oil and using a soft bristled brush to loosen the scales.

Regular baby shampoo can then be used to wash them away. If you're having a hard time getting rid of the problem, talk to your doctor for more advice. Basically, this is a condition that usually clears itself up by the baby's first birthday.

If you're going with “bath time” as the theme for the baby shower gift, make sure you've got all the essentials covered including:

  • baby oil
  • good quality baby brush designed for tender scalps
  • a safe, chemical-free baby shampoo
  • a baby towel
  • gentle soap
When the mom-to-be opens the gift, don't tell her it's for that gross cradle cap the new baby is probably going to have. Just smile and say, “You're welcome.”



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