Babies Need Bath Towels

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Can't I just use a regular adult-sized towel for my baby?

Babies Need Bath Towels

So you're shopping for the perfect baby shower gift and you come across the baby bath towels. Are they really necessary? You could just use regular towels, or could you. Imagine wrapping a little baby in one of your own worn out, adult sized, bath towels. Hey, why not wrap the baby in an old wool blanket? There wouldn't be much difference.

Baby bath towels are designed to fit baby's body. They're soft, come in fun colors, and they're absorbent. Many baby bath towels come with little hoods that look like farm animals. Don't you think that new little baby would like sweet with bunny ears? First of all, you want to buy the kind of baby bath towels that inspire lots of picture taking. You'll either look at the pictures in years to come with a smile, or with the intention of blackmailing your unruly teen.

The baby is going to need baths, and he or she is going to need a nice soft cocoon to get wrapped in afterwards. Babies are happiest when they feel warm and protected, as they should. The best time to snuggle the baby is right after the bath when they're warm and relaxed. Just make sure to put a diaper on the little one before sinking back into the rocking chair with him unless, of course, you like surprises.

Sit back with your swaddled baby, tuck that bunny-eared little head into the crook of your neck, and enjoy a little quiet time.



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