Baby Shower Host Gifts

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What kind of baby shower host gift should I buy?

Baby Shower Host Gifts

It's no surprise. Your best friend is planning a baby shower for you. Even though you've offered to help, your friend won't hear of it. You feel lucky, but also a little guilty. Well, here's something you can do while your friend is busy coordinating baby shower ideas: shop for baby shower host gifts. She may not be going to surprise you, but you can really surprise her with a baby shower host gift. Some ideas include:

  • Give her an envelope with “One Free Babysitting Coupon From You To Me” on it. Once she stops laughing and actually opens the envelope, she'll be thrilled (and probably relieved) to find a gift certificate to her favorite store or restaurant.
  • Gift baskets make great gifts and usually come in different themes. You can buy baskets filled with chocolate goodies, wine and cheese, spa products, etc.
  • If money's tight, consider homemade baby shower host gifts. Use your talents to make some pottery, paint a picture, frame a picture, bake gourmet cookies, etc.
  • A bottle of her favorite perfume
  • A personalized bracelet or necklace

The type of baby shower host gifts you buy is up to you! In fact, you don't even have to buy a gift. A homemade gift is equally appealing. What's important is saying thank you to the friend who will hopefully be able to baby sit on really short notice.



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