The Gift Of Parenting Magazines

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Do parenting magazines make good gifts?

The Gift Of Parenting Magazines

What has a soft spine, speaks to you about child-care issues, and easily fits into a diaper bag? A parenting magazine! Parenting magazines make excellent gifts either on their own, or as a complement to something else. For example, you could purchase a diaper bag for the mom-to-be, and fill it with two or three parenting magazines. Or, you can go one step further and actually purchase a year-long subscription to the magazine in the new mother's name.

As great a gift as it is, some people don't feel comfortable just giving a magazine subscription as a baby gift. Even though they're loaded with tangible, practical, ideas that can really help the new parents, the gift itself sometimes doesn't seem like it's enough. If you feel that way, you can always add a complementary gift to the subscription. Adding something like personalized baby blankets or personalized onesies are perfect for adding to magazine gift subscriptions.

If you're not really sure which magazine is going to make the best gift, you can always buy several magazines and put them in a gift together. You don't have to buy entire subscriptions to each of them! In this case, your just offering a few sample magazine choices and your friend can decide whether or not to take out a subscription on any of them.



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