A Baby Shower to Remember

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What sorts of things should I do at my baby shower?

A Baby Shower to Remember

Don't fall into those old, boring baby shower ruts. Use these fun baby shower ideas to make the occasion memorable and fun!

  1. Favors- whether it's a personalized tin of mints or a picture frame, be sure to get your guests something to show your appreciation that they've attended your special day. PrettyBabyGifts.com has everything you need for special baby shower party favors even if you're working within a budget.
  2. Decorations- don't feel restricted by the usual boy and girl colors; use whatever colors and themes you love and decorate accordingly. Hang streamers, blow up balloons and use creative tablecenter pieces to set the ambiance of your baby shower.
  3. Food- not everyone at your shower will know one another, so be sure to offer tasty finger foods to encourage mingling. You could even ask everyone to bring their favorite dish; recipe-swapping and compliments are great conversation starters. Just be careful with messy dishes; try to stick to easily nibbled and carried items like mini hot dogs, fruit and vegetable dips.
  4. Games- you know the traditional games like "Smell This" where you place various items in diapers and have people guess what's inside. These are always fun, but why not get personal and have a game of 20 Questions where you can pick the brains of seasoned moms. Or have people bring in their own baby pictures, shuffle them up, pass them out and have people try to find the match.
Whatever you decide to do for your baby shower, be sure to take it easy and follow the feel of your guests. In the end, the day is about you, your baby and celebrating with loved ones.



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