Personalizing Baby Gifts

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How can I turn a standard baby gift into something unique and creative?

Personalizing Baby Gifts

Do you want to know how to take a regular newborn baby gift basket and turn it into something your own? Well, not really your own unless you plan on keeping it for yourself. Actually, by just adding a few homemade or personalized complementary gifts, you can turn a regular old baby gift into something even more special. Here're some ideas for highly creative baby gift ideas:

  • Looking for baby gifts for twins? If you're on a budget, but want to gift a gift that leaves a lasting impression, get crafty! It's easy to get started on your own jewelry projects, so why not buy your own beads and create tiny matching bracelets? You can buy lettered beads and personalize the jewelry if you want to.
  • Are you good at cross-stitching? Any kind of framed embroidery work makes a great keepsake. Plus, instead of being an item that gets stored in the back of a closet, the frame can be hung in the nursery.
  • Do you knit or do you know someone who does? If the baby will be born in the cool winter months, why not knit a cap, baby mits, and booties? They won't be designer baby clothes, but whatever you knit will have more meaning because of the work and care you put into it. When you knit your own baby clothes, you get to choose the color, pattern, and do your own embroidery at no extra cost!
Hopefully you've got your creative juices flowing. Even if you decide to buy pre-made personalized baby clothes, or other personalized baby gifts, you can still put your own personal stamp on the gift by adding to it. Buying a personalized baby bank? Add some money to start the savings. Even a set of baby bottles can be jazzed up by adding a homemade cookbook of recipes for making your own baby food.



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