Rainy Sundays

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When is a good time to sort through my baby shower gifts and write thank you notes?

Rainy Sundays

There are people who complain about rainy Sunday afternoons, and people who use the time to cuddle close to the new baby in the house. Babies smell so good when they're fresh from the tub, all snuggled into their sleepers for the night. Once the baby does fall asleep, which is usually at a fairly early hour for a newborn, what do you do next?

Chances are you've been pretty busy with the new baby to really think about anything else. Have you even looked at some of the baby gifts you got? Once baby is down in his crib for a while, take that rainy Sunday to sort out all of your embroidered gifts, personalized baby clothes, etc. Sort the stuff out, put it in drawers, take the products out of the newborn baby gift basket and find a handy place in the bathroom to store them. The next time you bath the baby, all of your new stuff will be right there ready to use.

Even though you're happy to get those personalized diaper bags and other luxury baby gifts at the shower, you're probably so busy trying to keep up conversations and pay attention to what's going on that you don't really absorb what you got.

Take that rainy Sunday, while the baby is asleep, to go through your gifts and write up a few thank you cards.



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