Monogrammed Baby Gifts

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What types of baby gifts can be monogrammed?

Monogrammed Baby Gifts

Why shouldn't babies have the same luxuries their parents do? Plush robes, comfortable slippers, and beautiful bath towels shouldn't be something only made for grown-ups. When you're buying for a baby, pick personalized baby clothes themes like “bath time” and start stocking up on all kinds of goodies. You can get enough baby bath time products to fill the babies own bathroom if you wanted to. Super soft hairbrushes, all natural hair products, skin products, etc, are all on the shelves waiting for you to get your wallet out.

Whether you're buying the bath products for someone having a baby shower, or for your own baby, why not consider having them monogrammed? Monogrammed baby gifts could be initials embroidered into a tiny baby bathrobe, or personalized plush bath towels for baby. You can personalize, embroider, or monogram just about anything.

Need some ideas?

Baby Slippers: Buy a pair of cloth baby slippers and have babies initials embroidered on the top of each slipper.

Bath Robe: Have the baby's initials, first name, or just the last name stitched onto the front pocket.

Baby Blankets: Have baby's name, or even a short, cute quote, stitched in big words across the blanket, or in tiny words on one of the corners of the blanket.

Almost any baby gifts can be monogrammed. The trick is to find the perfect saying, quote, or wording. Once you've got the thread color chosen, and the template picked out, you'll soon be heading out with some monogrammed baby gifts under your arm.



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