Giving Baby Gifts Like A Rock Star

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How can I buy baby gifts like a celebrity?

Giving Baby Gifts Like A Rock Star

Let's have some fun for a minute. Who hasn't dreamed of being rich and famous, able to buy anything on the planet? The tabloids and celebrity entertainment shows depict the richest of the rich buying million dollar earrings for their newborns, or battery-operated toy cars with real chrome, real tires, and built in stereo systems. Come on! Dream a little. Sometimes with a little thought, you can streamline luxury baby gift ideas into something more affordable for either yourself, or a friend!

For example:

Instead of buying a newborn baby gift basket filled with diamonds and pearls, buy a newborn baby gift basket filled with diapers and personalized burp cloths.

Instead of hiring a designer to personally fit the new baby for high fashion baby clothes, go to the store and buy some off-the-shelf designer baby clothes. At least that way you won't have to play personal assistant to the diva designer.

Instead of hiring two nannies for the mommy expecting twins, get her some personalized baby clothes so the mom can keep track of her own babies.

You see? When you're shopping for baby gifts, just think to yourself, “What would my favorite celebrity buy?” and then buy something else.



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