High Fashion Babies

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How important is it to buy my baby designer baby clothes?

High Fashion Babies

You'll never see a baby crawl the runway, but that won't stop ‘em from wearing designer baby clothes. It's like they know what the new trends in baby wear are going to be before the season hits. The amazing thing about babies today is that they really know how to work their outfits. Even though some of them can't hold their heads up, they still manage to get those crisp little collars tucked under their chins. And what about those hot designer baby jeans! It's amazing how well someone with no discernible waist can pull that off.

Babies have gone up-town on us, and nobody could have predicted it. There was a time when babies would have gladly accepted the touch of an old rag if it meant wiping the spit from their chins. Those days are long gone. Now, it's personalized burp cloths or nothing. Oh, and if you dare set anything but an expensive (i.e. soft leather) personalized diaper bag within their reach, you may as well pack it in and move to another country. It's not just high-chairs for today's baby; it's high end.

So, when you're out shopping for that infant fashionista of yours, keep your eyes and wallets peeled for the best of the best in designer baby clothes. Generic just won't cut it mama!



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