Donating Used Baby Clothes And Toys

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What can I do with my unused and outdated baby toys and clothes?

Donating Used Baby Clothes And Toys

As your baby grows into a toddler and then a school-aged boy or girl, you'll be left with a slew of baby clothes, bibs, bottles, a potty, maybe a baby bathtub, etc. Of course, any embroidered baby gifts you received over the years will remain as keepsakes, but what are you going to do with all that other stuff?

Unless you have someone to hand down those designer baby clothes to, they're just going to wind up being eaten by the moths. The following are some suggestions on what to do with those baby supplies, clothes, and toys that you no longer need:

  • If you own a high quality personalized diaper bag, you can probably get away with using it as a travel bag. Use it to store off-season shoes or gym gear. If you're into stamping, scrap booking, or other types of crafts, use the personalized diaper bag to carry your craft supplies.
  • Don't worry about giving away personalized baby clothes. Charities, consignment shops, or second-hand stores will be happy to take them off your hands, no matter whose name is stitched on the pocket.
  • Carefully store any personalized new born baby gifts in a chest or trunk along with other keepsakes.

It's up to you what you do with your old baby stuff. You can sell it to make a little extra cash, give it to relatives who can use it, or donate it to charity.



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