Delayed Gift Reaction

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Is it okay to wait until a few weeks after the baby is born to give a gift?

Delayed Gift Reaction

If you want to really do something nice for the expectant mother, wait a couple of weeks after the baby is born before presenting her with personalized new born baby gifts. When her baby shower rolls around, just give her a nice card, bring some homemade baking, or buy her a small, inexpensive gift to open that night.

Make sure to tell her that the gift is coming, but that it's just going to come a little later than normal.

Why would you do this? Because everything happens before the baby is born. There are hugs, tears, and instant anxiety (Will I make a good mom?) once you find out your pregnant. Then everyone starts planning a big baby shower. The next think you know, you've got the baby in your arms, and the gifts have stopped trickling in.

It's at the height of realizing you're a new mom with no idea what you're doing that a baby gift or two would come in handy. Imagine yawning over a hot stove, cooking a meal for your family. It's lunch time, but you feel as if it could be midnight you're so tired. You haven't been out in weeks since the baby arrived, and you're starting to feel a bit down in the dumps. Suddenly, your doorbell rings and in comes your best friend with an awesome newborn baby gift basket!

Just knowing that there's something that can benefit you and your baby coming through the door should put you in a great mood.



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