The Diaper Cake Diet

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What are diaper cakes?

The Diaper Cake Diet

When you think “diaper cakes”, do you think of flavorless desserts with questionable brown toppings? If you do, you're wrong. Diaper cakes are actually really hot baby shower gift ideas. You can buy them for boys, girls, or twins. You can even buy them for specialized occasions like baby christenings. When you first see them, they do look a lot like regular two or three-tiered cakes. However, unless you have a craving for a cotton baby sleeper, that cake isn't going to satisfy your hunger.

To get an idea of what diaper cakes look like, go to What's really impressive is the amount of stuff crammed into one of those cakes. Actually, crammed is a bad word to use. The items are all carefully folded, making the shape of the diaper cake itself. You literally get dozens of new baby gifts within a diaper cake including things like baby socks, t-shirts, onesies, diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers, and baby bibs.

The hardest thing about getting diaper cakes as gifts is disassembling them. They look so awesome just the way they are, that nobody wants to pull them apart to get to the baby gifts!



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