Making Baby Shower Gift Idea Suggestions

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What do I tell people when they ask me what kind of baby shower gifts they should buy?

Making Baby Shower Gift Idea Suggestions

The minute the baby shower invitations go out, prepare for your phone to start ringing. People are going to want to know what to buy. What does she want? What does she need? People tend to automatically assume that if you know the mother-to-be well enough to coordinate her baby shower, chances are good you have a good idea what kinds of baby shower gifts she hopes to get.

Even if the mom-to-be has no idea you're planning a baby shower, you can still talk to her about baby shower gifts. It's inevitable, so there's little chance she'll think twice about it. There's a really good chance you already know what kinds of things she needs. First, there's the fact that she's shown you every adorable new born baby gift she sees; second, you're probably the first to see every new baby purchase she's made.

So, before the phone starts ringing, come up with a list of ideas that people can use when looking for unique baby shower gift ideas. Not only will you be helping the guests, you'll be helping your friend by avoiding a lot of duplicate gifts. Duplicate gifts like diaper bags are okay, because you can use more than one at any given time. Duplicate gifts like digital baby thermometers aren't as useful.

If you know your friend has registered somewhere for baby gifts, make sure to mention it to the guests.



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