Break-Open-A-Bottle Baby Shower Themes

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Is there a unique baby shower theme idea I haven't thought of?

Break-Open-A-Bottle Baby Shower Themes

After nine months of nothing but baby talk, the mom-to-be is probably getting a little restless. Sure she's excited about the new baby, and maybe even a little bit nervous about the delivery. Why not incorporate adult themes into your baby shower ideas. It might seem a little odd to have a “booze” baby shower theme, but it should bring a few smiles to the crowd. Let's face it, the mom-to-be has been super good for nearly a year. No wine. No champagne. No double whiskey on the rocks. She hasn't taken so much as a mild pain reliever since she found out she was pregnant. Now that the pregnancy is nearing the end, she probably wants (and deserves) a tall, cold, cocktail.

So, why not turn that into a baby shower theme? Baby shower decorations could include huge champagne class cut-outs “toasting” the new baby. Baby shower favors could be personalized shot glasses, or specialty corkscrews made especially for baby showers.

Don't go looking in the liquor store for these items though. First of all, the employees might wonder why you're buying alcohol for a pregnant woman. Second of all, that's not where you'll find these little treasures.

Online retailers like offer really unique baby shower favors and make an excellent starting point for your baby shower shopping needs. Cheers!



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