Newborn Baby Gifts

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Are newborn baby gifts practical?

Newborn Baby Gifts

When it comes to baby showers, people don't typically think of toys as newborn baby gifts. Newborns spend the majority of their time sleeping and eating anyway. Unless you've recently had a baby of your own, you might not realize just how fast that newborn phase transitions to the toddler phase.

The only people who really seem to get a jolt of enjoyment out of newborn baby toys are the parents themselves. Next time you're out, try on your observational skills and watch the weird things parents do on the off chance the baby will actually smile.

So, if you've been invited to a baby shower, keep in mind how quickly that newborn is going to develop. As soon as the baby is no longer sleeping in his baby crib or baby bassinet, you're going to want to up the toy level to offer more of a challenge to the child. Keep giving him the rattle and he'll soon be throwing it at the back of your head.

The point isn't to give inappropriate toys to younger children; the point is to make sure the parents have appropriate toys on hand for that inevitable morning when little Johnny realizes that not only can he get out of bed on his own, he can do it at five a.m. Hey, little Johnny, here are some new toys to play with in your bed!



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