Big Ideas For Big Baby Gifts

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How do I buy a big, expensive baby gift if I can't afford it?

Big Ideas For Big Baby Gifts

Alright, let's talk about some serious newborn baby gift options. Forget diaper bags or personalized onesies. Sure they're great gifts, but let's take a minute to consider some seriously hot newborn baby gifts. Money is no object here. What are important are the quality, safety, usability, and the “applause factor”. The applause factor is directly related to the number of “great gift!” comments you get from other less gift-buying inclined individuals.

Remember, these are the mother of all gifts (pun intended):

Baby Car Seat: Spare no expense! The baby car seat is probably one of the most important products the parents will own. Just make sure to buy one appropriate for newborns and infants. In this case, size really does matter.

Baby Crib: So what if they already have a crib! Don't just buy another crib, but a better crib than they already have. That'll show ‘em!

Baby Bassinet: Oh yeah baby! Just wait until the mom-to-be lifts the bow off of this Cadillac of all baby bassinets. She probably won't want to talk to anybody else after she opens this gift from you.

A life-size play house: Well, money's no object right?

Pony: Picture the look on the expectant mother's face when a live pony comes prancing through the baby shower festivities.

You have to admit, these are some pretty unique ideas. The reality is, money usually is a factor in gift giving choices. One of the best ways of buying an expensive gift like a baby crib is to share the cost with others and give the gift as a group.



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