Designer Diaper Bags

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What kind of diaper bags are available?

Designer Diaper Bags

In my day, parents didn't have diaper bags, they just stuffed everything they needed into shoe boxes and carried it under their arms. Of course, that was only if they had shoes. If they didn't, they'd just roll up what they needed in wax paper to travel with. Alright, alright…that's not true. But the point is, there was a time when a diaper bag was just a plain old diaper bag. You could get different colors and some were better than others, depending on the number of handy compartments they had.

Now, you can buy diaper bags that look more like stylish purses and that cost upwards of three hundred dollars or more! The good thing about this kind of diaper bag is how it makes you look. Other than the baby spitting up on your left shoulder, nobody would ever know that you're carrying a bag of baby bottles, pacifiers, a change of baby clothes, and a couple of fresh diapers in that designer diaper bag.

For the more practical parents, you can still buy designer diaper bags that don't look like overstuffed lunch bags. In fact, there are some really classy messenger bags you can buy for under a hundred dollars. They come in different fabrics, sizes, colors, and styles. Speaking of colors, parents get a break from the old “pink and blue” diaper bags of yesteryear. They belong somewhere around the “shoe box diaper bag” era. Now, parents can buy refreshing colors like kiwi or watermelon; coral or evergreen.

So, if you're buying a gift for a baby shower and you're thinking of getting a diaper bag, make sure to buy something that has the look and feel of the family's lifestyle.



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