Twin Babies Diaper Cakes

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Can you give me a stellar idea for a twin baby shower gift?

Twin Babies Diaper Cakes

Yay, the good news is that your sister is having twins, the bad news is that you hate to shop. The pressure is on as the baby shower draws near. After all, as the relative, it's up to you to buy something really unique and stunning. Whatever you buy has to garner loud applause, several thumps on the back, and maybe a little awe-inspired gasp from the crowd. Ordinary baby crib bedding sets aren't going to get you that response.

Sure, it's all about buying something for your sister's twins, but it's also about proving yourself to be worthy of twin aunt-hood. You do want to be trusted with those little darlings once in a while, don't you? Well, then, the pressure is on. Here's a little tip: Everyone loves gift baskets, even twins who aren't born yet. Instead of buying two separate baskets though, why not buy a twins babies diaper cake? In it, you get 26-30 infant disposable diapers, two orthodontic pacifiers, two fork and spoon sets, two metallic baby photo frames, one 9 oz. feeding bottle, two infant brush & comb sets, two key ring rattles, two embroidered & appliqued bib & burp cloth sets, two bundles of cotton swabs tied in tulle, two pair infant booties, two plush animal rattle toys, two "Baby Dots" magnetic star photo frames, and two 100% cotton infant receiving blankets. Come on! Buy something like that and you're going to be on every baby shower invite list for the next ten years.



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