Baby Blankets That Become Childhood Attachments

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Does it matter what kind of baby blankets I use?

Baby Blankets That Become Childhood Attachments

Do you know which baby blankets you'll be bringing with you to the hospital? Keep in mind that whichever baby blanket you use to swaddle your newborn may end up becoming the official comfort blanket for years to come.

Newborns soon become toddlers, and if you're still using the same blanket when their toddlers (for naptime and bedtime), that child is probably going to get quite attached to it. That familiar, worn out, old “blankie” serves more than one purpose at this point. Not only does it provide warmth, it also provides a sense of comfort and emotional protection.

Organic Cotton Baby Blankets make excellent choices for baby boy gifts, or baby girl gifts. What you want is something high quality, soft, and able to withstand wash after wash after wash. Speaking of washing, if you use a biodegradable, gentle detergent, you'll have fewer worries when the baby starts sucking on the ends of the blanket.

If the child does become attached to one specific baby blanket, don't expect it to retain its shape and appearance. Yes, it will be dragged over the floor, across the yard, and may even (as young children sometimes surprise us) get stuffed into a toilet.



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