Baby Gift Ideas For Grandparents

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I'm going to be a grandparent! What kind of gifts should I buy?

Baby Gift Ideas For Grandparents

Have you been looking at yourself in the mirror these days, wondering how you could possibly be a grandparent? Becoming a grandparent usually has none of the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with first pregnancies. Your biggest job is to love and spoil the child with anything he wants. Finally, you get to sit back and just enjoy the grandkids. Let the parents worry about the big stuff!

The funny thing about grandparents is that they don't usually wait until the official baby shower to give gifts. Nope, the shopping usually begins the minute the pregnancy test kit leaves the shelf. Seasoned mothers have a weird way of detecting even the slightest change in their daughters so that when word finally gets out that a new baby is on the way, the grandmother-to-be often says, “I knew it! The minute I noticed the upper left side of your ankle swelling, I knew you were pregnant.”

Commence with the gift giving! Out of the bazillion baby gift choices out there, here are five ideas:

  • Gift baskets for the new mom,
  • Diaper cakes look good enough to eat, but they're actually well constructed baby gift items containing everything from diapers to teething rings,
  • I Love My Grandma and I Love My Grandpa baby shirts or bibs
  • Personalized picture frames
  • Personalized baby blankets
Whether you decide to shop in store or online, you're going to have a lot of fun when you see how many baby gift ideas there are.



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