Boring But Important Baby Gifts

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Are there any really exciting newborn baby toys on the market?

Boring But Important Baby Gifts

There are so many big, bright, and explosively exciting games on the market that when it comes time to buying baby gifts, they can look pretty unimpressive. Oh boy, three soft blocks without any removable parts, smells, sounds, or possibilities. Well, that's true, but you have to view that toy through the eyes of a baby who's only been on the planet for a couple of months. Try switching on a remote control robot that shrieks “WE WILL RULE THE PLANET” and see how long you stay friends with the mommy-to-be. Now, if you want to inflict psychological harm on the little one and effectively end your friendship, go for it. Otherwise, stick with the simple newborn baby gifts.

When you think about it, those cute baby gifts on the market help babies develop in all sorts of ways. Just holding one of those little blocks in their hands is a big accomplishment for baby. Before the baby can start developing hand-eye coordination, he has to first realize he even has hands.

So don't worry about your baby gift being the brightest and the loudest, concentrate on the baby gifts being something that won't traumatize the baby.



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