Safe Toys, Safe Babies

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How can I make sure my baby doesn't play with toys that could hurt him?

Safe Toys, Safe Babies

The safest toys are the ones that are age appropriate. An infant will hoover pretty much anything off the carpet (who needs a vacuum). So even though your little munchkin is close to that next age appropriate level of toys, it still probably isn't a good idea to buy him toys that have small parts that could break off or tiny pieces. That's easier said than done if you have more than one child. How do you tell your three-year-old not to feed magnets to the new baby?

This could be a good time to use a little mommy psychology on your preschooler. Tell him or her that it's very important to be careful with the toys. Make the bedroom (if he doesn't share it) a place where he or she can play with the “big kid” toys. Your preschooler will feel like he has his own sanctuary to go to that doesn't involve a little brother or little sister.

There's no perfect solution but making sure your infant is only eating dry Cheerios and not a tiny rubber tire, is your responsibility. It's great to give the older child some guidelines to follow, but he or she probably isn't ready to baby sit at four years old. Keep an eye on what goes into the baby's mouth. Before you know it, the kids will be teenagers and you'll be more worried about what's coming out of their mouths.



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