Seasonal Baby Gifts

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What should I consider when shopping for baby gifts?

Seasonal Baby Gifts

If you're buying baby gift baskets that contain things like baby shampoo and baby oil, it doesn't really matter if the product is last season's discounted item. However, if the baby gift basket contains nothing but winter cloths, heavy blankets, etc., you probably don't want to give it as gift for a mom with a July due date.

Have you ever been to a baby shower where the mother opens all kinds of really nice clothes that the baby (unless she has a twenty-two pounder) won't possibly be able to wear until he or she is two years old?

“Oh,” she says in that fake sing-songy voice, “The baby will be able to wear that…in college,” she mumbles under her breath.

Don't make the mistake of buying cute baby gifts that are completely irrelevant to the time of year, or size of the baby.

Everybody buys things that are a few sizes too big with the reasoning that “babies grow so fast!” While that's true, what's the baby suppose to wear in the meantime? The mom isn't going to want to dress the newborn in a heavy flannel sleeper in the middle of a hot summer heat wave either!

So, when you're shopping, even if something is cute and on sale, ask yourself if it's a good choice for right now before you buy it. The expecting mother will thank you for it.



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