Fun Baby Gift Baskets

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Can you give me some ideas for creative baby gift baskets?

Fun Baby Gift Baskets

Baby gift baskets are probably the coolest gifts you can get someone. Really! Who doesn't love to get a big ole basket of goodies? Okay, sure the stuff is for the baby, but it's the parents who get to sift through the products. Baby gift baskets are fun because you can kind of see what's in the basket, but you know that once the cellophane comes off, there's a lot more hiding underneath.

Pre-made baby gift baskets usually offer some value for your money. If you were to line up all the products that come with the basket and price them individually, you'll probably find that you got the basket at a cheaper price. If you're keen on giving that mother-to-be a baby gift basket that you've made yourself, prepare to pay a little bit more. Not only do you pay full price for each product, you also have to buy a basket, the cellophane, a ribbon, etc.

Pre-made baby gift baskets usually contain the usual assortment of baby oil, baby powder, baby shampoo, and maybe a baby brush set. Baby gift sets usually have a bath time theme, meal theme, sleep time theme, etc.

If you want your gift to be the one that people talk about (in a good way), get creative and fill a baby gift basket based on your own theme. Try something like:

  • Surviving parenthood theme
  • Mommy needs a drink theme
  • Gift certificates and coupon theme
  • Diaper sizes and stages theme
You can have as much fun creating a baby gift basket as you can receiving one.



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