Baby Toy Recalls

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How can I make sure the toys my baby plays with are safe?

Baby Toy Recalls

Okay, everyone who's sick and tired of toy recalls, raise your right hand. Please, like parents aren't stressed enough about everything going on in their child's environment already. You worry about germs, viruses, bacteria, your neighbor's retired police dog that they promise is as gentle as a poodle, and whether or not your child is breathing healthy air. Now you've got to worry about toy safety regulations too.

As a parent, you kind of expect that all toys on the shelves have been inspected carefully. When you get to the checkout, you shouldn't have to second-guess your purchase. Parents used to think, my child is going to have so much fun with this toy! Now they're thinking, I hope there's no lead in the paint on this toy.

It's enough to drive you crazy. There's no guarantee that there won't be a baby toy recall on that toy you just bought, but you can decrease the possibility by following a few simple rules:

1) Do an Internet search for current warnings or toy recalls before you buy.

2) While there's no guarantee, check to see if toys were made in America.

3) Eyeball the toy for obvious signs of problems. Wiggle the parts and make sure that there's nothing that looks like it will break off in baby's mouth.

4) Stick with high quality toys. Yes, in this case a higher price probably means a better product, although that's not always the case. Trust your instincts.

If you gave the toy as part of a baby gift basket, keep your eyes and ears open to any baby toy recall notifications and let the parents know if you hear anything. If you're the parent, it's your responsibility to monitor the toys for wear and tear, and pay attention to any baby toy recalls that you hear of.



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