Infant Feeding - The Messiest Part Of The Day

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Why does my baby always throw his food and utensils on the floor?

Infant Feeding - The Messiest Part Of The Day

For those of you with a diploma or degree in Early Childhood Studies, congratulations, you completely understand why infant feeding times always turn into a game of “pick up my spoon.”

For whatever reason, infants love to throw toys, food, utensils, and tantrums. Just when you figure the baby has enough dexterity to bring a few mouthfuls of food to his lips, he throws the spoon on the floor and hurls gobs of mashed potato at the back of your head.

Unless you've crammed a six year old into a high chair, chances are pretty good your infant isn't misbehaving. It might seem that way, especially when he looks at you and grins through carrot-stained lips. The reality is, he's just happy that he's found a new “toy” to play with. Not only are the textures a blast to squeeze through his chubby little fingers, it makes a neat “splat” sound when it hits a hard surface.

Until your baby outgrows this fascination and moves on to something else, it's a good idea to put some plastic sheets under the high chair. You could also feed the baby and then immediately take him out of the high chair. Give him some cold mashed potatoes and put him somewhere safe, like a playpen, where he can experiment to his heart's desire.



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