Breast Feeding Breaks

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Will a breast pump make a good baby shower gift?

Breast Feeding Breaks

Who needs an alarm clock when you have a tiny, hungry mouth gnawing you awake every couple of hours? Infant feeding times are exhausting for the breast feeding mother. She might wonder why she even bothers putting a top on. All aboard the milk train!

It's easy to get trapped into one way of thinking. Consider helping your breast feeding friend in the “ingenious” ideas department and buy her a breast feeding pump. There's really no reason why she can't pump the milk and let her partner get up through the night to feed the baby. Even a milk train needs to stop and refuel.

A breast feeding pump helps more than just the mother. It gives the dad a chance to bond with the baby, too. Need more ingenious ideas? The new mom can pump enough milk to leave with a babysitter so that she can go out for a much needed break. It's got nothing to do with being embarrassed to breast feed in public, and everything to do with needing some adult time without the baby. That breast feeding pump is a new mother's ticket to freedom. The baby still gets the benefit of mother's milk and the mother benefits from a little “time off”.



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