Hitting The Trail With A Post Pregnancy Sports Bra

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What's a good idea for a unique baby shower gift for my athletic friend?

Hitting The Trail With A Post Pregnancy Sports Bra

Nobody knows your best friend better than you do. You know that she's a fitness guru and she hasn't stopped working out once during her whole pregnancy. It's obvious that nothing is going to slow her down, including a couple of twenty-pound, pendulous, milk-filled breasts.

She's going to pound the pavement and the gal is going to need some major support. Physical support that is. While her family is out buying all kinds of traditional baby shower gifts, why not buy her a really good quality sports bra? If you want it to be a surprise, sneak a peek at her bra size. Don't go to the pre-pregnancy lingerie drawer though. Check out the size she's wearing right now. Is she a small, medium, or large? Make the best decision you can and keep the receipt in case the style and fit isn't just right.

That lactating, running guru friend of yours might not think about breast milk leakage as she hits the track, so make sure to suggest that she slips a couple of breast feeding pads into the bra.

She's going to appreciate all of the great baby gifts she receives, but nothing says friendship like a good post-pregnancy sports bra.



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