Gender Friendly Baby Gifts

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Should I buy a baby shower gift suitable for a boy or girl?

Gender Friendly Baby Gifts

What mother doesn't want to receive a complete set of green and/or yellow baby sleepers, blankets, bibs, and baby socks? Not all parents wants to know if the baby is going to be a girl or a boy, and if they know, they might not want to disclose that information. That leaves everyone else scrambling to find an “appropriate” color scheme to buy. You might find the perfect pink frilled baby bonnet or other female gender-friendly item, but you don't dare to buy it. What if the baby is a boy? What if the father of that baby completely freaks at the idea of dressing his son in anything other than testosterone-building blue?

Instead of buying clothing for the baby, why not set your sights elsewhere? Diapers aren't cheap and they're definitely going to be put to good use. What about a baby night light, a nice set of quality crib sheets, or a digital thermometer? The next best thing to dressing a baby is buying clothes for the baby. However, if you're bored with the idea of wrapping up a pair of gender-neutral jammies, avoid the baby clothing section completely.

Baby bath time products are always a sure thing. Create your own baby gift basket filled with baby shampoo, baby soap, baby bath towels and a few toys. It doesn't matter if the parents get one gift basket like this or twenty. The products will get used and you don't have to worry about them being gender friendly.



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