When A Man Shops For A Baby

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How can I make sure my partner buys a sensible baby shower gift?

When A Man Shops For A Baby

Warning: The following suggestion has been performed by trained male specimens only. Do not allow any male, unversed in the lingo of baby gift-giving, anywhere near a baby boutique. Failure to comply may result in purchases not necessarily appropriate for the baby. This could include:

  • Calling the free t-shirt that comes with a case of beer a gift for the baby. Caution: The male may try to rationalize this gift by saying it'll work as a baby towel until the child actually grows into the shirt.
  • A twelve inch sliding mitre saw. No, he can't “hang onto it” until the baby is in junior high taking wood shop.
  • A boxed DVD set of The Simpsons.
  • A set of “really cool” temporary tattoos. Uh, no.
  • A hockey bag that “doubles as a diaper bag”.

Preparing a man to purchase a baby gift takes considerable time and patience, but it can be done. Like an actor in a really bad Kung-Fu movie, have him practice a mantra. “I will rise to this challenge.”

Maybe you're working shifts, busy with your own children, or have to be away on business. Whatever the reason, you just can't make it to the store to buy a baby gift for that upcoming baby shower. Don't worry! Talk to your significant other about optimal baby gift choices. Make a few suggestions. Give him a few specific stores to shop and send him with a list of good baby gift choices. If price is a consideration, give him a minimum and/or maximum price range to stick with. Just a little bit of clear communication will ensure that your best friend's baby doesn't get a power tool to cuddle.



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