Splish-Splash I Forgot I Was In The Bath

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How can I entertain a fussy baby in the tub?

Splish-Splash I Forgot I Was In The Bath

Baby bath toys can be as simple as a measuring cup and spoons, or as elaborate as an overpriced designer rubber ducky. Naturally, it's important to find baby bath toys that are safe and suitable for the child's age, but you also have to consider your own amusement. After all, you're going to be crouched down by that tub the whole time your little darling is splish-splashing the germs away.

Sure you could use that time to multi-task and do lunges while keeping an eye on the babe, or you could roll up your sleeves and have some fun. Kids are a lot like animals when it comes to bath time, some like to get wet and others don't. For the kids who put up a fuss, try some interactive games that incorporate fun with actually getting clean.

For example, you might want to buy a cloth hand-puppet (or make one yourself) that you can use to “talk” your baby through a more enjoyable bath time. Play some fun music in the background if that helps make the process more pleasant.

The secret to successful baby bath toys is their appeal and safety. Battery-operated bath toys are out. Brightly colored bath boats are in.

Try to find toys that keep them busy and focused on something other than the fact that you're pouring warm water over their ears (babies hate that). Even a stress-buster squishy ball can keep baby miraculously intrigued, at least long enough to rinse their hair!



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