How To Bath A Baby

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What's the best way to bath a baby?

How To Bath A Baby

Here's something nobody tells new moms: bathing a newborn is scary. Those little bodies are very slippery and even though they're snuggled into a tiny baby bathtub, it's still a scary process. The question is, how do you make it a little easier? Try to find a baby bathtub that has a good grip on the bottom. Whether you fit the tub into the regular bathtub or on the counter, you want something that's not going to slide around.

If the new mom-to-be doesn't think she needs a baby bathtub, dig out the old photos of you and your siblings being washed in the kitchen sink. Hmm…let's see….no support, protruding sink taps…Bad idea.

New baby bathtubs are ergonomically designed to contour the baby's body in a safe, semi-reclining position so that the head is supported. These are designed for newborns who won't entertain the thought of catapulting their little bodies up and out of the tub. Don't leave them unattended though! Bathing a newborn should involve very little water, very little time, and absolute safety. It's not like they've been out rolling in the dirt all day. You just want to keep their little bits and pieces clean. Use a mild alcohol swab to clean around the umbilical stump and just a little bit of gentle soap in the water.



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