Bath Time For Mommy

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What do I do with the baby when I want to get in the shower?

Bath Time For Mommy

Psst! New mom. Yeah, you. It's been three days now. Don't you think you need a bath? Your partner's off to work and you're not sure of what to do with the baby while you're in the shower. If you put him in the crib, he's going to cry and that'll just make you feel guilty. For obvious reasons you can't leave him alone on the couch. Even though the newborn isn't able to roll over yet, you definitely don't feel comfortable leaving him lying on the living room floor with a toy mobile and the cat to entertain him. So what are you going to do? It's time to lather up and shave those legs!

First of all, it's okay to put the baby down in the safety of his crib. Sure he might fuss a little, but you're not going to be gone all day. If it makes you feel better, bring the baby monitor into the bathroom with you. Just make sure not to sing in the shower. Like cell phones, your conversations and American Idol moments can sometimes be heard by other people.

Still not convinced? If you don't want to put the baby in his or her crib, put him into a car carrier and bring the whole thing into the bathroom with you. That way baby will be safe and sound, and close enough that you can peek around the shower curtain to check on him.



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