Bath Time Learning

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How can bath toys educate my baby?

Bath Time Learning

Most of us think of bath time as a chance to clean off the grime of the day, but did you know that baby bath time can be a time to encourage learning? Just don't expect your little wonder child to emerge from the bath speaking three languages and reciting mathematical equations. What you can expect is a clean baby who's had some time to practice a little manual dexterity and logical thinking.

Almost any toy that requires hand-eye coordination is a good investment in your baby's learning. Items such as bath tub building blocks, sticky alphabet letters for the side of the tub, and any bath toys that require matching, building, stacking, squirting, assembling or disassembling, aid in your child's development.

So relax! You're not prepping your baby to play for the Philharmonic Symphony, you're helping him prepare for really important things, like holding a fork and bringing it to his lips, not his eyes.

Let your baby experiment with as many different kinds of toys as possible, both in and out of the tub. Your job is to provide the toys and the opportunity, your child's job is to do what comes naturally: play.



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